Financial crises and stronger competition have led to an increased focus from both businesses and financial regulatory authorities on actions and measures involving risk management. Risk management involves all activities related to taking risks, such as processes and systems for identifying, measuring, analysing, supervising, reporting and handling risks. A good internal control system contains internal regulatory frameworks, systems and routines. It also contains follow-up and compliance measures that ensure that business is conducted in a safe, effective and controlled manner.

Our consultants have worked with risk departments in developing systems, processes, calculation methods, and pricing and capital optimisation strategies. We also have experience in developing and validating internal models based on both Basel II- and Solvency II-related regulatory frameworks and from establishing appropriate routines around these frameworks.

Examples of previous assignments:

    • As a part of a bank’s internal risk classification method (IRC) application, one of our consultants was responsible for developing and implementing the bank’s loss given default (LGD) model. The assignment also involved documenting the model and assisting the bank in the application process.


    • A large global bank was about to implement a new risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC) model within the organisation. Our consultant validated and calibrated the model and outlined a user manual for the business


  • A credit market company needed help in defining its internal capital payment process. One of our consultants developed and established the process within the organisation and reported the progress to the board and top management


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