Nils Ludvig Kulling

070-734 84 10
Nils Ludvig has more than 15 years’ experience in leading organizations with a focus on growth in the consulting industry. In recent years, he has worked to establish and develop consulting companies with a focus on digitalization and process control. Nils Ludvig has good knowledge of project management, process control, requirements and sales of complex business.

Stefan Berggren
Finans och rapportering, Projektstyrning

072-336 91 45
Stefan has extensive experience from banking, finance and insurance operations and has worked in both consulting and line roles. In recent years, Stefan has primarily worked to help banks and insurance companies adapt to new regulation, including the Basel and Solvency regulations. Stefan is also an experienced project manager, used to coordinating larger projects and subprojects.

George Englund

072-336 91 44
George has 17 years’ experience in practical work within risk management and internal governance and control in banking and insurance. He has worked both as a consultant and in various line positions. George has specialist knowledge within credit risk, capital evaluation and good knowledge of market and liquidity risks. He also has extensive experience from various regulatory implementations such as CRD and Solvency II.

Ylva Swartling
Regelefterlevnad, Utbildning

070-865 13 11
Ylva is a lawyer and has both broad and long experience of working in the banking and financial industry within compliance and financial market law. In recent years, Ylva has undertaken compliance work for a large financial group and also arranged training on financial regulation from a compliance perspective. At Periculo, Ylva is responsible for the business areas of compliance and training.

Rasmus Nilsson
Riskhantering, Penningtvätt

072-336 16 38
Rasmus has solid experience from the banking and finance industry and has worked within project management and in line roles. Rasmus has in recent years worked with implementing regulation to prevent money laudry and anti terrorist financing, as well as reviewing and developing business processes within banking. Rasmus also has experience within risk analysis and internal audit.

Annika Engström
Riskhantering, regelefterlevnad

079-076 42 47
Annika is a lawyer and has more than 15 years’ experience working in risk management and insurance. Annika has experience from several specialist positions, but also as head of the risk function at a listed company. Through her work, Annika is familiar with interpreting, educating and advising within regulation, insurance and risk management. She has also held the role of CEO and been a board member of several captive companies. Annika also has experience in evaluating and implementing GRC tools, of leading process efficiency improvements and of strategy work.

Louise Bjelvenius
Riskhantering, operativ risk

0725-08 23 32
Louise has more than fifteen years of experience in most operational positions in banking / finance, where the focus has been on internal control, process management, efficiency projects, business development, leadership and organizational issues. Louise has also delved into operational risk and management within risk function at banks and has good knowledge of the method, structure, training and ongoing review of operational risks.

Ylva Almqvist

072-336 16 51
Ylva is a lawyer with previous experience from the court and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI). She has, among other things, worked with stock market legal issues with a special focus on interventions in the capital market, market information and market abuse. She also has experience of working with fund law and data protection issues.

Julia Kahlström

Julia är en analytisk ekonom med stor erfarenhet från försäkringsbranschen och myndighetsarbete. Hennes tidigare arbete har i huvudsak inneburit myndighetsrapportering för försäkringsbolag, fondbolag och banker. I hennes senaste roll verkade hon som specialist inom Solvens II och IORP. Julia har även erfarenhet av projektledning och systemimplementationer och är bekväm med agila arbetssätt och Scrum.

Marcus Rohdin
Riskhantering, Kreditrisk

076 -217 49 46
Marcus är utbildad nationalekonom med bred erfarenhet från olika typer av linjeroller inom bank. Han har en mycket god förståelse för bankers interna processer, betalningar och riskhantering. Marcus är en person med mycket god affärsförståelse och problemlösningsförmåga. Han har ett stort engagemang till de projekt han leder eller är delaktig i samt ett genuint intresse för effektivisering av arbetsprocesser.

Filip Ramsten


070-675 19 63

Filip är utbildad jurist och har en bred erfarenhet från olika typer av linjeroller inom bank och försäkring. Filip har arbetat praktiskt i linjeroller med bland annat regelefterlevnad på ett medelstort försäkringsbolag samt med hantering av penningtvättsrelaterade risker på en stor bank. Under sina universitetsstudier arbetade Filip som skadereglerare på två försäkringsbolag med bland annat rättsskydd.


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